One Punch Man (Season 1-2) all New Episodes in Hindi Dubbed Download

On an unnamed earth-like super-continent planet, powerful monsters and villains have mysteriously appeared and are causing disasters. To counter them, the world government formed a hero association that employs superheroes to stop violent creatures and villains. Each superhero of the Hero Association is ranked from Class C to Class-S. Out of the metropolis of City-Z, Sitama was an untold hero who performed heroic acts for his entertainment. He has trained himself at the point where he has made his own. “Limiter Break and beat any opponent easily by a punch. However, when Setama became a hero for the fun of experience, he has recently been bored with his supernatural power, and is frustrated at the complete lack of strong opponents who can challenge him.

During the series, Sitama faces various superheroes, friends, villains and monsters. He quickly receives a student, Cyberberg Janos, who is trying to take revenge to find another cyberbug that killed his entire family and hometown. Both finally join the Hero Association to gain official recognition. Jenos proves to be a singular and is immediately placed in Class-S, whereas due to a written test, Sitma is hardly passed and therefore placed in Class-C, making him the lowest-ranked hero. Sitama does many tricks, mostly unheard of by the public, such as defeating Ninja Speed O’Sound Sonic and destroying an upcoming meteor that was despised city-z. Sitama was promoted to Class-B after defeating the mighty Deep Sea King, who rained destruction on City-J. Monsters begin to appear in City-Z in search of a mysterious monster association. Soon after, the sight of the great watcher Shibawa is that the world is in danger. Panking, the Hero Association invited all S-Class heroes to a meeting that begged them to protect the world. Soon after the meeting, Dark Matter Thieves, the leader of Boros, attack the planet and destroy the City-A. Sitama paired up with Boros and beat him using some normal punches and serious punches. During the invasion of aliens, the S-Class hero, Drive Knight, warns Genos that the S-Class hero, Metal Knight, is his enemy. The Hero Association salvages City-A with the help of Metal Knight, and they form a new base of operations that will allow the Hero Association to deploy heroes more easily.

Series Information:

Series Name: One Punch Man

Release: June 14, 2012 – present

Quality: 480p & 720p 95mb

Running Time: 24 minutes

Language: Hindi Dubbed

Type: Action, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Parody, Super Power, Supernatural, Seinen

Encoded By: Coolsanime

Credit – Super Anime x

One Punch Man Hindi Dubbed Episodes 720p HD Download


Episode 01 : The Strongest Man
720p – Mirror_Links

Episode 02 : The Lone Cyborg
720p – Mirror_Links

Episode 03 : The Obsessive Scientist
720p – Mirror_Links

Episode 04 : The Modern Ninja
720p – Mirror_Links

Episode 05 : The Ultimate Master
720p – Mirror_Links

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