Leroy and Stitch (2006) WEB-DL Hindi-English Dual Audio x264 Download 480p 720p HD

IMDB Ratings: 6.2/10
Genres: Animation, Adventure, Family
Language: Hindi + English
Size: 480p 319MB | 720p 465MB
Director: Tony Craig, Roberts Gannaway
Writers: Roberts Gannaway, Jess Winfield
Stars: Daveigh Chase, Chris Sanders, David Ogden Stiers

With its mission of catching all 624 experiments and resubmitting them to Earth to complete, Lilo, Stitch, Zumba and Plaque have been honored as heroes by the Galactic Alliance. Jumba is given the key to re-forfeit inguinal in his laboratory, Placlay is offered a position as the president of the Earth Studies in the GACC. (Galactic Alliance Community College), and Stitch has been appointed Captain of Galactic Armda and Commander of their new commissioned ship BRB-9000 (Big Red Battleship 9000). Lilo has been appointed ambassador of the Galactic Federation for Earth and is the ambassador of the Stitch. “Cousins” the only patron of “. Before he left, Lilo gives Zumba his favorite Elvis record, Pleley stitching a necklace with a paperweight (which is actually an earth’s rock) and a rock tiki (the air god of strength).

In his ship, Guntu has decided that since he failed to capture all experiments (excluding 625), Dr. Hemsworth has to be taken out of jail. He takes a two-man space shuttle, leaving only 625 to help H’msterviel escape from prison. Stitch has been then assigned to re-appoint Hesteravial. Hamstervial and Gantu entered Jumba’s lab and forced Zumba to make stitching, an evil twin of Leroy, defeating the Galactic Alliance. Stitch comes and after a fight, he loses when Placlay appears in an indirect moment, distracting the stitch for Leroy for a long time while he is locked in a glass capsule. Hemsteravial revealed his plan to clone an army of leroys to capture the Galactic Alliance. Before leaving for Turo, hemsturous plumbies close the jumba, plumley and stitch in the ship and sends the ship into a black hole.

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